Thursday, 19 June 2014

June's Wishlist

June's Wishlist

This is my perfect summer time outfit, co-ordinated skirt and crop from Topshop with olive green frilly socks and chunky man style brogues. The book bag clutch has been on many of my wish lists and until i get one it will remain there! The sunglasses are also perfect with this outfit. 

Love Madison 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wedding day outfit blues.

I have my brother and his lovely fiancee's wedding day in August, so it should be a beautiful hot and sunny day we hope. This means outfit options are to be scrutinised for nobody wants to spend all day in a dress you can't breathe in and the mortifying thought of sweating in. I have been on the hunt pretty much since i found out the date and wasn't that impressed with what i found. I tried all the obvious high street stores, Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridge, all of which were too glam for a wedding. I just wanted something simple that i could dress up and wear again. I find after speaking to a lot of people about what to wear to a wedding is that they will spend over £100 on the perfect formal occasion dress, wearing it for that one day and then either let it gather dust in the wardrobe or selling it on eBay for less than half it was bought for. I am guilty of the splurging on an outfit for one night out and then realising that i'll most likely never wear it again. Not this time! 

So after searching without success i did come across the perfect dress in Zara, there was a huge stickler of a problem though. It was gleaming crisp white. Now for all the confused faces at why this would be a problem, imagine throwing a party with the theme of The Little Mermaid and shouting from the rooftops that you can't wait to dress up as Ariel, and then some idiot comes to your party dressed up as Ariel too. It would be infuriating! So this was the problem, perfect dress - not so perfect colour. Checking the label and seeing that it was 100% cotton gave me the idea to dye the dress a colour that i wanted. I was incredibly nervous dying a brand new dress from Zara but with helpful hints from the internet it went without a hitch. The gleaming crisp white dress became a darling shade of china blue. I can honestly advise anybody suffering with the same dress problem, if you find a white dress that is perfect just dye it! 

Any of my fellow bloggers got summer wedding outfits planned? Share with me!

Love Madison ♥

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Macaroons and rainy days.

So on this really miserable rainy day my mom, sister and niece came to visit me in Leicester. They bought me and Joe wonderful housewarming gifts. To start with, a glass picture frame with 'You had me at hello' etched into the glass. They also bought us a set of candle holders that are dip dyed in pastel paint! My mom also thoughtfully knitted us a cushion cover in navy blue wool with brown wooden buttons. After gifts and nattering we went into town to my favourite place to eat, Mrs Bridges Tearooms, a pretty cosy eaterie that make the best sandwiches and macaroons. I discovered today that my niece Molly has an incredible taste in desserts, she too loves macaroons, so much so that I ordered a cup of  to share. After that we did a little bit of shopping. We're all a little Yankee candle mad so we spent an hour picking out individual burning tarts then I found a gorgeous tweed scarf, with weather like today it was hard not to buy it. I finally got around to purchasing a new purse, my Hello Kitty one just wasn't screaming out 'sophistication' anymore so I looked in Debenams and found that the Fiorelli floral purse I've been looking at forever had 20% off, so for a nifty £25 I got the purse of my dreams! I haven't really been doing outfit posts but I wore my sparkle and fade sleeveless pink shirt dress with a black H&M kimono over the top, I put it with black tights, a pair of black ankle boots and my pastel gold Aldo necklace.